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mike at mike at
Wed Dec 20 16:38:54 UTC 1995

> "ok to take the circuit down for testing" - the problem i was trying to 
> get resolved was related to peering.. go figure.. I still haven't heard 
> back from MCI.. UUNET on the other hand I managed to get a call through 
> to a tech there immediately... I've given up on trying to get through to 
> MCI.. I've had nothing but good experience with them on the physical 
> circuit level.. and the routing guys installing the circuit were great.. 
> but trying to get a [routing] tech on the phone for trouble issues just 
> sucks.

I'll also vote for UUnet.  They provide several days notice of any expected
brief outages.  The only occasion I had to call a tech I got through immediately
(during off hours) to someone who was able to make BGP changes with no problem.
Installation also went through without a hitch well ahead of schedule.


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