Service Problems

Nikos Mouat nikm at
Wed Dec 20 07:15:57 UTC 1995

> On the other hand, I have been very pleased with MCI NOC.  Yes, MCI has
> some problems too, but they even CALLED BACK to let me know when
> _another_ provider (PSI) had fixed the problem that I reported, rather
> than me trying again every 10 minutes to see if it was fixed yet.  That
> kind service overwhelmed me with joy and brought tears to my eyes!

If it makes you feel better, I put in a trouble ticket with MCI approx 
29hours ago. it was not a complete outage, but the problem i was trying 
to talk to a tech about had an hour or so prior caused a serious 
outage on my mci connection - I would prioritize it as important, not 
urgent. the person who took the trouble ticket asked me if it would be 
"ok to take the circuit down for testing" - the problem i was trying to 
get resolved was related to peering.. go figure.. I still haven't heard 
back from MCI.. UUNET on the other hand I managed to get a call through 
to a tech there immediately... I've given up on trying to get through to 
MCI.. I've had nothing but good experience with them on the physical 
circuit level.. and the routing guys installing the circuit were great.. 
but trying to get a [routing] tech on the phone for trouble issues just 

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