Are the Route Servers Viable Solutions That Are Being Held Hostage?

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Tue Dec 19 03:28:19 UTC 1995

On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, Alan Hannan wrote:

>   Yesterday I wandered into Radio Shack in my festive holiday
>   wanderings, and happened upon a small man wearing a name tag that
>   said "Bud".
>   I asked Bud, "Bud, will your I/R to RF transcievers send data at
>   greater than 2.4kps?".  
>   "No", replied Bud.
>   "And will your I/R to RF transcievers send data bidirectionally?"
>   I asked Bud.
>   "No", replied Bud.
>   And while no money changed hands, I would gladly have paid to
>   learn that this was technology I could not use.

Yes, but I think that is just the Radio Shack answer. I ask "Do you have 
a 7404 hex inverter" Radio Shack guy "No", well "well what is this then" 
I say when I show him a stack of 7404's he has on his shelf. 

Radio (oh we don't have that, well why is it on your shelf) Shack. :-)

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