Are the Route Servers Viable Solutions That Are Being Held Hostage?

Alan Hannan alan at
Mon Dec 18 19:43:13 UTC 1995


] yet.  Nsf is spending $10 million a year on the 2 RA coop 
] agreements....right?  seems like they should be getting something more 
] useful for the money than so far has been the case.

  Yesterday I wandered into Radio Shack in my festive holiday
  wanderings, and happened upon a small man wearing a name tag that
  said "Bud".

  I asked Bud, "Bud, will your I/R to RF transcievers send data at
  greater than 2.4kps?".  
  "No", replied Bud.

  "And will your I/R to RF transcievers send data bidirectionally?"
  I asked Bud.

  "No", replied Bud.

  And while no money changed hands, I would gladly have paid to
  learn that this was technology I could not use.


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