bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Thu Aug 17 21:57:40 UTC 1995

> >Does that mean that all the internet registries no longer allocate
> >/24 (or longer) prefixes that have nothing to do with the actual
> >Internet topology (these prefixes aka "portable addresses") ?  Perhaps
> >folks from various Internet registries would be able to answer this
> >question.
> I assign /22s to ISPs.  When they use them up I give them another /22.
> Private companies that show a need for a /24 are assigned a /24.

Ah. here is the rub.  When you ISP buddies come back, you should ask
them to return the origianal /22 for a /20.  That way, the total size
of the routing system stays the same!


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