Hank Nussbacher HANK at
Fri Aug 18 00:24:30 UTC 1995

On Wed, 16 Aug 95 13:09:52 PDT you said:
>> New allocations are (as of 1466bis) being done through providers, on CIDRized
>> lines.  Whether IPv4 or IPv6, new allocations are not going to badly impact
>> the core routing table size.
>Does that mean that all the internet registries no longer allocate
>/24 (or longer) prefixes that have nothing to do with the actual
>Internet topology (these prefixes aka "portable addresses") ?  Perhaps
>folks from various Internet registries would be able to answer this

I assign /22s to ISPs.  When they use them up I give them another /22.
Private companies that show a need for a /24 are assigned a /24.



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