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Sun Apr 16 22:59:05 UTC 1995

> (To get the ICM DS3 up and running on time for the 21st
> (instead of before the 30th) we have some timing issues that
> are pretty critical, namely provisioning the DS3 and
> installing all the equipment.  It is unclear that this is
> possible on the MFS side (never mind the paperwork process,
> which we probably will just have to ignore in the short run).
> What is clear though is that current connectivity to
> MAE-EAST is insufficient for making 21 April a happy day --

I seriously doubt this will be a problem if you push.  We had a T3 installed
for Internet World In San Jose with 3 days notice.  MFS & PacBell were both
very cooperative.

This move up date concerns us a lot, too.  We're still waiting for MAE-west
to come online completely to complete our west coast peering arrangements, and
hoping to get connectivity to fix-west/sprint along the way soon as well.


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