Sprint NAP Status

Tim Salo tjs at msc.edu
Sun Sep 25 00:18:14 UTC 1994

> From: bmanning at ISI.EDU
> Subject: Re: Sprint NAP Status
> To: tjs at msc.edu (Tim Salo)
> Date: Sat, 24 Sep 1994 15:29:30 -0700 (PDT)
> Cc: ittai at ans.net, push at cerf.net, nanog at merit.edu, nap-info at merit.edu
> > The use of ATM WANs to connect remote routers to ATM NAPs sounds like a
> > good topic for another ATM NAP Workshop at the next IETF.
> Perhaps this would better be a part of an IEPG meeting or NANOG meeting.
> 	[...]

Both IETF and NANOG make a certain amount of sense.

The advantage of IETF is that there is a fair amount of ATM expertise
present which doesn't have to make a special trip for the workshop.
(The next IETF is also driving distance from the router vendor 
apparently preferred by most of the NSPs.)

Whatever the schedule for another ATM NAP workshop, there are still 
a number of NAP issues which the NAP awardees, and perhaps the RA and
NSPs, ought to discuss.  Someone might want to coordinate a
NAP meeting at NANOG.


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