Sprint NAP Status

Paul Love epl at SDSC.EDU
Sun Sep 25 13:31:24 UTC 1994

Tim, et al

Hmmm - would this fit into the open Tuesday afternoon at the NANOG
in Ann Arbor next month?  Most/all will be there, we could all still
catch flights home - just later - so still be back in the office Wed
AM (perhaps not as bright eyed as otherwies)


On Sat, 24 Sep 1994 bmanning at ISI.EDU wrote:

> > 
> > The use of ATM WANs to connect remote routers to ATM NAPs sounds like a
> > good topic for another ATM NAP Workshop at the next IETF.
> > 
> > -tjs
> > 
> Perhaps this would better be a part of an IEPG meeting or NANOG meeting.
> Those are operations forums, where these types of things are the general
> topics of discussion.  That aside, I'd second the call for an additional
> meeting.  I'd like to see cisco present, to discuss the AIP and how
> it is expected to play in these markets.  I'd also like to see someone
> from a relevent PUC attend and present some general views on tariffs 
> for these types of services. I'd like to see presentations on sub-DS3
> support and some additional discussion on media bridging techniques
> that have been proposed. A general report from the ATMF would be useful
> as well.
> In fact, I'd be willing to put up w/ the organization of something
> like this.
> --bill

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