bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Fri Sep 2 00:02:53 UTC 1994

Tim sez:

Depending on the Cisco 7000 HSSI and/or AIP microcode, an ATM NAP could
migrate a PVC at a time or the whole NAP at once.

I assume that this migration will occur before NAPs become very large.

[By the way, translation between RFC 1490 (NLPID) and RFC 1577 (LLN/SNAP)
is still an issue for frame relay interworking units, even if it isn't
required for 1490-1577 migration in an ATM-only NAP.]

To which Bill queries:

Minor confusion here.  Say for instance a Convex w/ a Native ATM interface
is colocated at an ATM NAP and is running somehting that most NAP customers
want to talk to... The Convex is talking LLC/SNAP - AAL5 - RFC 1577.

Just how is a Sparc20, on an FDDI ring, attached to a cisco7000, connected
via HISSI to an ADSU talking NLPID - AAL5 - RFC 1490 supposed to talk to
the Convex?  When does it make the tradeoff on talking to the two other
Sparc20s, attached by the same 1490 means or the Convex? 

This sounds like its not practical to do a single PVC at a pop. It sounds
to me like all or nothing.  But I am not well versed. Can you/ Would you
explain it to me in small words?  I really want to know.


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