ATM Utility

Pushpendra Mohta pushp at CERF.NET
Wed Nov 2 17:13:38 UTC 1994

Bob Doyle writes:
> Also, please also do not confuse Vadim's individual opinion with the opinion 
> of Sprint.  Sprint also recognizes the cost-benefits of a fast packet service 
> versus point-to-point circuits.  One of the primary reasons we pursued an ATM 
> strategy in advance of many others was due to the cost-benefits in our 
> backbone...There are a litany of other reasons which I would be happy to 
> pontificate...Pushpendra, no criticism intended, but I would probably argue 
> that our stockholders do not consider the cost of additional network capacity 
> as "funny-money"....

Bob, I meant it in jest. It is easy for staff to lose sight of
that fact, just like my staff sometimes tends to forget about
the incremental cost of additional Internet access when coming up with
proposals for new services.

Recall that CERFnet is probably the only customer at this point of
Sprint ATM services that is using it to access the NAPs.


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