Transition plans - please send me any details

Susan Hares skh
Tue May 31 18:26:45 UTC 1994

The time of transition from the current NSFnet (ANSNet)
to the NAPs infrastructure nears.  As part of efforts to
transition Network Server Providers and regional networks from
NSFNet (ANSNet backbone) to the NAPs, we at Merit need to obtain information
about your plans to connect to NAPs or a Network Service provider.
The proposed schedule for this transition has it beginning in July,
so time is short.   The NSF funding and plans say we'll be done by 
November, so we have a "challenging" time ahead.  Please send me as
much information as you have so we can begin planning for the transition. 
I will also be calling many of you during the next days to
find out as much we can before Thursday. 

Below is a set questions regarding your transition plans to
NAP.  Because so many unknowns about the NAPs still exist,
I will need to know as much as possible  about the hardware
and software in routers, and routing plans.    Please fill
in as much information as you know.  Especially important
is the NAP(s) or NSP that you will be connecting to, and the
interface support in your routers.  

The next NANOG meeting on June 2nd and 3rd will discuss in 
detail the transition, and NAP plans.  We will have NAP and
NSF people there to question.    I would greatly
appreciate your responses within day, so we can do some
additional planning prior to that meeting.  Any comments
about this are welcomed.
Merit will consider your response confidential and will not
circulate it beyond those at Merit working on transition plans
without your consent.   One question below asks if you
would allow any of this information to be shared in the NANOG
meeting to help the network operators to plan the transition.

Please send your response to skh at

Thank-you for your help!

Sue Hares
skh at



1. Name of the network and the organization providing the service?

2. Contact information?

  a. Administrative contact:
        E-mail address: 
        Phone number:
        Fax number:

   b. Technical contact:
        E-mail address: 
        Phone number: 
        Fax number: 

3. Do you plan to connect your network to NAPs?

                                Initially               Future
        Washington D.C.         
        New York                

If the answer to 3) is yes, please continue:

4. What kind of interface do you prefer for connecting to the NAPs?

        a. ATM 
        b. SMDS
        c. Frame Relay
        d. FDDI 
        e. Ethernet
        f. Other(specify)

	Will you be able support an FDDI interface initially?
	Do your routers support an ATM or SMDS interface?   

5. What access bandwidth are you planning to connect to NAP?

        a. 10 MB/s
        b. 100MB/s
        c. DS1
        d. DS3 
        e. OC3 or above 
        f. other(specify)

6. What NAP access mechanisms do you prefer?

        a. co-location 
        b. remote
        c. other(specify)

7. Will your NAP-connected-router(s) peer with the Route Server(RS) provided
   by the RA?
                               Yes     No

8. What kind of routers are you planning on using to connect to NAPs?


9. If the answer to 7) is yes, what routing protocol do you intend to use?
                                Initially       Future
        a. BGP4                 
        b. IDRP                                 
        c. Other(specify)

10. What protocol(s) will be desirable for a NAP to support?
                                Initially       Future
        a. IP                   
        b. CLNP                                 
        c. Other(specify)

11.) Would you be willing to provide the RA and MERIT during
     the transition with SNMP read only access to
     your NAP- connected-router(s)?  

12.) Can any of this information be used in
	discussions in the NANOG meeting?  If so, 
	what portion of the information may be shared?

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