way past "additions to the NSFnet PRDB"

William Manning bmanning at is.rice.edu
Wed May 11 01:50:31 UTC 1994

Well, yes and no. I still think that if you get your customers to
register allocations in a local registry -that they own- that it provides
them with ownership.  As a component of delegation comes the requirement
that a registry be run. With the requirement to run a registry comes the
mandate to mirror the data back to a central repository. This allows folks
to register local routing preference, but this can be overridden higher up.
Not to beat the DNS horse too much, but its like we do in-addr assignment
now.  We will delegate it to you, but reserve the right to keep a 
secondary of the zone locally.  Much of this thinking comes from
reviewing rfc1291. More food for thought.
Bill Manning 

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