Looking for a test site.

Vince Fuller vaf at Valinor.Stanford.EDU
Tue Mar 15 21:27:48 UTC 1994

    I would like to conduct a performance test to a Cisco 7000 or other
    high performance router adjacent to the T3 NSFnet.  Idealy the router
    would have two FDDI interfaces, with a high performance workstation on
    the second ring.
    If anybody has such a configuration, or other infrastructure which might be
    an interesting performance test, please let me know.

  Define "high performance workstation". We have a cisco 7000 which peers with
the NSFNET across an FDDI DMZ and is also connected to the Stanford campus FDDI
backbone. The FDDI backbone has several DS5000 systems. Is that good enough for
your test?


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