private nets

Mark Knopper mak at
Mon Feb 28 23:03:56 UTC 1994

Hi. I've acquired a CIDR block of 1024 class C nets for "AADSnet"
(Ameritech Advanced Data Services internet service). In addition to
the obvious assignment of nets within this block to customers
who are connecting to the Internet, I've begun to hear from
customers who would like us to assign them addresses for their
private internets. Another example is that a group within the
company has asked me for a block of 64 class C nets for a large
network they are building for staff-only use.

In the case where these nets are not intended for external
connectivity, it probably doesn't make sense for me to assign
the nets to them from our CIDR block. It would be better to
use the non-unique net numbers that are being (have been?) 
assigned for this purpose. Is that correct? Is there now
a final word on this?

But a number of these cases seem to be for eventual connection
to the global Internet, where we may or may not be the provider.
If we are not the provider then eventually this will cause a
CIDR-hole which must be announced by another provider. How do
others handle this situation, or is this unique to a company
like mine?


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