MFS NAP INFO on-line

Stan Barber sob at
Sun Aug 21 21:29:59 UTC 1994


I am not putting this information on-line as a show of support for the NAPs.
I'm just doing it as a public service for all the folks that may want to
know about them. Since I don't work for any of the NAP providers in any way,
I am in no position to explain why they won't answer your questions. Any
speculation on my part would be just that. We already have plenty of this
behavior on com-priv and I don't want to add to that on any of the lists
that will get this mail.

If the information I am making available is not useful to you, that's too bad.
However, given the amount of folks downloading it from, there
are a number of people who are guessing that it might be useful to them.

As you are aware, the Internet as we know it will undergo considerable change
over the next year. The NAPs will be apart of that regardless of our opinion
of them. Knowing about them in any way lowers the rumor-mongering that
frequents com-priv. Granted, it may raise more questions than it answers, but
hopefully the core facts about them are now established in some cogent way.

I know you are not picking on me, Joe. But, I did want to make it clear
why I am putting this stuff on-line.

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