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Joseph W. Stroup nettech at
Sat Aug 20 02:47:50 UTC 1994

Stan, I would like to hear from the NAP operators online and NOT their 
damn HOME PAGES ! Karl has been asking ANS for info on a connection. He 
e-mail Becker at - that represents income. Do you think they replied 
? Hell of a way to run a business. Its not that we need them. I actually 
find it funny. But, the NAPS represent OUR tax dollars in action - no 
matter how small. So lets here what is up ? As I said its a PR 
opportunity. If they screwup likeANS has then so be it. I am sure that 
Gordon Cook will write about them next. While I don't like the NAP idea, 
at least I will give them plenty of chances to respond online. people 
have heard rumors. Time to put them down. The NAP owners need to POST not 
put up some HOEM PAGE crap. Remember the minority and NOT the majority 
are out there waiting. I am not picking on you! 

Come on NAP winners - Spill the beans. Tell us where you are from a 
technical and practical point . Its your ball. As for ANS, no wonder they 
can't sell connections. No one ever returns calls  !  And its not just 
Karl that has complained. Others bitch that Oarnet calls them. I know 
about the re-sell agreements...But, how can you expect to run a company 
and make any real profits with a ring no answer response ?

Joseph Stroup

On Fri, 19 Aug 1994, Stan Barber wrote:

> The handouts from the July FARNET meeting are now available for download as
> TIFF files from the following URL:
> NOTE: There are two pages missing. I was not sent them.
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