20402 routing entries

Vadim Antonov avg at sprint.net
Fri Apr 15 23:57:40 UTC 1994

Not, Marty; the "market reality" is that you do CIDR or people will
stop getting PSI's routes.  By not doing it you already got screwed
routing; the next step is loss of global connectivity, i guess.
God bless your customers.

Your analogy with 800 portability and IP renumbering is more than
artificial.  The whole debate about 800 portability rotated around retracting
published numbers and loss of investments in advertisements.  So far
i didn't hear anyone publishing IP numbers in their ads.

Changing providers *always* involves some expenses and probably disruption
of service.  Also, nobody was really interested in renumbering technology
in pre-CIDR times; now market will force software vendors to provide
network number discovery as a standard feature.

The host portability problem is not new -- the mobile communications
folks worked on it for quite a time; but it wasn't anywhere near the
interest field of regular TCP/IP community.  Now it is -- as well
as IPNG, video and security.  New times, new problems.


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