20402 routing entries

Tony Li tli at cisco.com
Fri Apr 15 23:32:30 UTC 1994

   Exactly my point, the recipe could be defined in an RFC and implemented
   in code, so that the execution cost would be very low.  This might be
   an easier problem to solve than the problem we are trying to address
   with CIDRizing.

I think folks are missing the point.  The primary goal of CIDR is to
slow the growth of the routing table.  Renumbering without CIDR is a
pointless waste.  It buys you nothing.

Renumbering _with_ CIDR allows the addressing to more closely match
the topological hierarchy, and thus allows routing to eliminate some
noise from the routing system, thus allowing it to scale better.  So
renumbering helps.

However, folks should recall that CIDR _requests_ and _recommends_
that people renumber.  However, no one is trying to or has a mechanism
to force people to renumber.  It's just a matter of being a good
citizen.  Folks who don't want to be good citizens will exist.  So be

Now, if the extremist parties on all sides could take a deep breath
and start being rational, we could get back to work.


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