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Steven J. Richardson sjr at merit.edu
Fri Apr 15 20:14:15 UTC 1994


  > Date:  Fri, 15 Apr 1994 10:57:25 PDT
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  > >According to NSF/ANSNET data, 23 aggregates ALONG with its covered 898 spe
  > >routes are co-exist in the routing table now.  If the ASs withdraws all th
ese more 
  > >specific routes, the routing table could be reduced by 898.  Given the urg
  > >need of reduce the routing table size, would these ASs withdraw those spec
  > >routes as soon as possible? 
  > I tried.  They told me that the forms and policy for removing more
  > specific routes were not in place yet, and that there would be an announcem
  > about it in a week or so.  (I tried to remove 150 routes).  I've got
  > a few hundred more to do next week.

Well...  Regionals/mid-levels have always been able to delete net
announcements, but the CIDR deployment raised the same sort of issue
which had been raised previously when "silent nets" had been discussed:
how about a way of deleting nets from the routing configuration files
without removing the information from the PRDB, since we might
reconfigure more-specific information soon?  A normal delete is fine,
and we are [read: "I am" ;-) ] finishing the implementation of the use
of a "no configure" flag in the file generation (it'll be done for next
Mon/Tues's config run).

If you'd like to have your original 150 nets removed by hand before
Tues. AM, please send them and I'll take care of it; looking at the
current situation, it's probably a good thing to do.

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