20402 routing entries

Robert Hood hoodr at netcom.com
Fri Apr 15 20:42:37 UTC 1994

>Robert Hood writes:
>> I tried.  They told me that the forms and policy for removing more
>> specific routes were not in place yet, and that there would be an announcement
>> about it in a week or so.  (I tried to remove 150 routes).  I've got
>> a few hundred more to do next week.
>Why dont you just stop announcing them ?  

I did, but BGP didn't want to let them go (the other end never
recieved a network unreachable event).  I tried finding a way to
remove the routes without reseting the BGP link, but couldn't, so I
just reset the links.  I hate doing that.

Can we change the subject to 20252 routes now? :)

BTW:  I just sent another set of CIDR NACRs to Merit.  I hope to remove
another ~350 routes by the end of next week.

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