Supernet block sizes - recommendations?

epg epg
Fri May 14 14:54:09 UTC 1993

Vince writes:
>I recently received a request from one of our sites for a block of 256 network
>numbers from one of our supernet blocks and have been hesitant to fill it
>because of the relatively large fraction of the current NIC-allocated maximum
>lock size (1024 networks) it represents. If I recall correctly, at the Boulder
>Regional Techs meeting, we talked about "reasonable" block sizes in the 32 to
>64 network range.

With the input from the regional techs meeting and discussions with
the RIPE NCC and the IEPG mailing list, RFC 1366 was revised to
recommend a maximum allocation of 64 IP network numbers at a time.
There have already been some very good arguements made on this
mail string to support allocating smaller blocks while reserving
some contiguous blocks for potential growth (smaller than 256).

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