Reg Techs Meeting-Prelim Agenda

Ken Latta klatta
Wed May 19 22:03:49 UTC 1993

NSFNET Regional Techs Meeting
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A meeting of the NSFNET Regional Techs group will be held June 
10th and 11th in Reston, Virginia at the headquarters of Sprint, 
International. A Preliminary Agenda and Arrangements Information 
Preliminary Agenda

I. Configuration of NSFNET for Aggregation (1 hour)
Steve Richardson, Merit
Dale Johnson, Merit

This session will be a presentation of an update to the Internet Draft 
that was circulated at the Columbus IETF. It will cover the functions 
that the NSFNET will support and how midlevels can request 
configuration for the ENSS's in the backbone. The structure of the 
Merit Policy Routing Database for aggregation support will also be 
covered, as well as a proposed Aggregate Registry.

II. GATED Support of CIDR (45 minutes)
Dennis Ferguson, ANS
Jeff Honig, Cornell

This session will present the capabilities of gated with respect to CIDR. In 
particular the BGP implementation and status will be described, as well as 
the configuration capabilities of gated with BGP-4.

III. Registration Issues for IP Aggregates (30 minutes)
Elise Gerich, Merit
Scott Williamson, InterNIC/NSI
Mark Kosters, InterNIC/NSI

The registration of aggregates into the various databases, e.g. 
Merit/NSFNET, RIPE and InterNIC, requires some changes to the 
way contact and organizational information is associated with 
network  number/name. This discussion will cover the changes 
necessary to the databases, and it is hoped that the group will 
propose  specific actions to resolve the questions including new 
management tools.

IV. Proposals for Representation and Sharing of Routing 
Policy Information (45 minutes)
Andrew Partan, AlterNet
Enke Chen, Merit

This session will include an overview of the paper, RIPE-81, which 
is a proposed database representation for inter-AS routing policy. It 
will also cover the paper on RPDL from Merit. The purpose of the 
session will be to summarize the recent discussions about the 
differences between the two approaches and how they might be 

V. Route Server Deployment (30 minutes)
Mark Knopper, Merit
Andrew Partan, AlterNet

Deployment of route servers at the MAE-East "experimental NAP" 
is taking place, and the status of this cooperative effort will be given 
in this session. The routing plan for each of the route servers will be 
covered, along with configuration issues.

VI. NSFNET Policy Routing Database Implementation 
Status (30 minutes)
Enke Chen, Merit
Andy Adams, Merit

Andy and Enke will present an overview of the Informix database 
system that is now being used to configure the backbone, and the 
tools that have been implemented to allow regional-techs to 
automate submission of network announcement change requests and 
to perform direct queries to the database in different ways. 
Implementation of new tools for Merit configuration staff have 
improved productivity tremendously. This will also be an 
opportunity to brainstorm on the types of tools that are needed to 
support route aggregation.

VII. NSFNET Solicitation Status (30 minutes)
Dan Jordt, NorthWestNet
Now that the NSFNET solicitation has been released, many of the 
regionals have difficult choices to make. Many of the problems are 
common and this session will be an opportunity to discuss issues 
from the technical perspective.

VIII. ANSNET Backbone Status Report (1 hour)
Jordan Becker, ANS

The T3 backbone status will be covered including recent and 
planned deployment of new software and hardware for the backbone 

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