Question on the registration of addresses from an assigned block

Thomas Easterday tom at
Wed Jul 28 15:08:18 UTC 1993

CICNet has several blocks of address from which we assign numbers.

Some of the sites to whom we have assigned numbers have requested
that the NIC register their DNS machines for inverse mapping of
the addresses.  The NIC recently sent the message below to one of those

My question is: Are other providers that have blocks they are assigning
		addresses out of removing those address from their own blocks
		(in the words of the NIC)?  In other words, is everyone sending
		to the NIC the information for the site that gets a specific
		address?  If the addresses are taken out of the block and
		assigned to the site, then it pretty much makes a moot point
		of the arguements about taking back address if a customer moves
		to another provider.


	This is an acknowledgement of your recent request.  It has been
reviewed by our registration staff and is being returned in order that
additional information be provided.  In order to register networks in
our database and remove them from the block of the regional provider, 
( the InterNIC requires the following information:

 1) Network name and Number.
 2) The Name, postal mailing address and telephone number of the Technical 
Point-of-Contact for the network. 
3) The Name and postal address of the organization who has been assigned
 the network number contained in the request.
 We will be happy to honor your request as soon as we receive
this information.  This information is also required to process all related
IN-ADDR requests.  You may send this information to:

                     HOSTMASTER at INTERNIC.NET

	Hostmaster Staff / InterNIC Registration Services

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