Question on the registration of addresses from an assigned block

Allen Robel allen at
Wed Jul 28 15:15:45 UTC 1993

On Wed, 28 Jul 1993, Thomas Easterday wrote:

> 		address?  If the addresses are taken out of the block and
> 		assigned to the site, then it pretty much makes a moot point
> 		of the arguements about taking back address if a customer moves
> 		to another provider.

I haven't been around the regional scene long enough to have heard all the
arguments for/against this, but I can imagine that the issue of who "owns"
addresses may eventually end up in the courts (horrors).  One could
probably make an argument that addresses should belong to the site rather
than the provider since, if this were not the case, competition between
providers would be stifled (i.e. sites with large numbers of hosts would
be forced to include the costs of changing all their addresses when
thinking about going with a lower cost or more feature rich provider.
Perhaps a technical solution--other than BOOTP-- to alleviate this burden
would make the issue go away?). 

I'm aware of the routing issues which, I assume, providers would use in
their arguments for "owning" addresses.

Of course, I don't "own" my phone number (at least not yet anyway...)

At any rate, I'd appreciate references to papers that discuss these

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