T3 Routing Software Problem Fix - 10/25 08:00 EST

Jordan Becker becker at ans.net
Sun Oct 25 13:56:02 UTC 1992

During the Sunday morning emergency maintenance window, we
successfully installed a new version of rcp_routed software on all T3
backbone nodes that fixes the problem we had with routing instability
events on the T3 network on 10/19 and 10/23.  This bug involved the
interface between the routing daemon, and the SNMP subagent.  With the
addition of the 86th AS peer on the T3 backbone, the buffer between
the routing daemon and the SNMP subagent would get corrupted and
induce a crash of the routing software.

A fix has been generated, tested and deployed on all T3 backbone
nodes.  We can now peer with 86+ AS's on the T3 backbone.  We have
also successfully cutover the ESnet announced networks from AS293, and
AS291 at FIX-E (ENSS145), and FIX-W (ENSS144).

One temporary side affect of this software change is that SNMP clients
that poll the add_route table will receive an error message if there
are more than 85 AS's peering with the T3 backbone.  Fixing this will
require a change to the SNMP subagent for the T3 routing daemon.  This
change to the SNMP subagent software will be made early this week.

	Jordan Becker

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