T3 Backbone Routing Software Failure Update

Merit Network Operations Center noc
Sun Oct 25 01:58:11 UTC 1992

During an emergency maintainence window on Saturday morning 10/24  at
05:00 EST we isolated the routing software problem to what we believe
is a bug that will cause the routing software to fail if the T3 
backbone maintains active peer sessions (EGP or BGP) with more than 85
AS systems.  We believe this is the cause of the routing instabilities
that occured on Tuesday evening 10/19 and Friday morning 10/23.

The bug in the rcp_routed software involves the  MIB  interface  code.
This problem has been reproduced on the T3 testnetwork.  A new version
of the rcp_routed software has been generated and tested on the
testnet.  This version is now running on two unused nodes on the T3
production network.

Because the number of AS's peering with the backbone can vary
dynamically, we plan to install this bug fix on the production T3
system during an emergency software maintainence window on Sunday
morning 10/25 between 05:00-08:00 EST to avoid any further

The release notes for this new rcp_routed are available via anonymous
FTP from ftp.ans.net in the file /pub/info/t3-rcp_routed/Release-Notes

Jordan Becker, ANS
NSFNET/ANSNET Network Operations

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