Washington, DC prototype NAP

Andrew Partan asp at uunet.uu.net
Wed Oct 21 18:58:54 UTC 1992

> Is there a route server located on this prto-NAP?  I thought a NAP wasn't
> a NAP without a route server?  

A NAP is a network access point - a meeting place for networks.  There
is currently no provision for a route server, although that would not
be hard to add - just install one someplace.

Part of this reason behind the WDC NAP is just to get something up &
running & see what works & what does not.  If we need a route server,
we will find out pretty fast.  If we have one, and things work better
with or without one, then we will have learned something & we can go

I'm certainly open to experimenting to see what works & what does not.
This WDC NAP should give us the platform to find out.

	--asp at uunet.uu.net (Andrew Partan)

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