Washington, DC prototype NAP

Jim Leighton - ESnet jfl at nersc.gov
Wed Oct 21 19:31:54 UTC 1992

It is a little unclear to me what is going on here and what the impact on
FIX-EAST is going to be:

1. I gather that the connection into College Park is actually to the
NSFnet node there and not to FIX-EAST.  Is that correct?  In any case, it would seem that connecting a prototype capability to the FIX or even to one of the nodes on the FIX is counter to our requirement of supplying PRODUCTION level support for network exchange at the FIX.  Was this considered?  Finally, I am surprised to hear that this is happening with no notification or discussion by FEPG about its potential impact!  

2. Would you explain the following point:

	- should any costs be assessed for the FIX-East connectivity,
		they will be shared on a pro-rata basis (there are no
		costs being charged at this time.)

Potential costs to be shared by WHOM?

3. I presume the NSF has considered the issue, but for us, to help pay
for someone to "prototype" a capability and then go out with a
competitive solicitation for the same capability is almost a sure-fire
way to draw a protest; both for the solicitation and for the subsequent
award if the prototype developer is selected.


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