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Wed Feb 9 14:59:20 UTC 2022

Hello NANOG 84 Attendees,

Welcome to NANOG 84! The conference host sponsor is Quantum Loophole
<https://quantumloophole.com/>. The event will take place online +
in-person February 14-16, 2022 in Austin, TX.

Below is what you’ll need to know to participate.


   Agenda + Time Zone

   Arrivals + Check-in

   Name Badge Information

   Wireless Network Information

   NANOG 84 Surveys

   Meeting only email lists

   NANOG Code of Conduct

   1:1 Meeting Areas



The NANOG 84 Agenda <https://www.nanog.org/events/nanog-84/nanog-84-agenda/>
is now available on the NANOG website. You can also download the agenda to
your local electronic calendar via an .ics file when you are signed in with
your NANOG profile, and click the heart on the talks you want to add to
your calendar.

***Please note that the agenda is set in the CST time zone. If you would
like to change the time zone, you can do so at the top right-hand side of
the agenda.


   Arrivals + check-in

There will be a vaccination checkpoint outside the MoonTower Hall (Level
2), where we will verify your vaccination status and conduct temperature
checks. You will be asked to provide your Covid-19 vaccination card
(photocopies accepted) +ID. Once your vaccination status has been verified
you may enter the NANOG event space and pick up your conference badge and
meeting t-shirt. Temperature checks will be conducted daily. The most
recent travel and safety guidelines
<https://www.nanog.org/events/nanog-84/safety-travel/> can be found on the
NANOG website.

Meeting registration will be located inside the MoonTower Hall, level 2,
and will be open during the following hours:


   Sunday 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

   Monday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

   Tuesday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

   Wednesday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


   Name Badge Information

Please be advised, wearing your name badge during the meeting is a
requirement at all times for security purposes. Name badges are

Identifying Badge Colors

While at NANOG 84, you can easily identify the following individuals by
colored badges:

• Staff – Purple Badge

• Member  – Blue Badge

• Non-Member  – Green Badge

• Premium Sponsor – Red Badge

• Meeting Sponsor – Orange Badge


   Wireless network(s)

Hotel guest room Internet access utilizing the hotel wireless
infrastructure is offered free of charge.  Access instructions will be
provided upon check-in at the hotel.

The following 2 SSIDs are available for all attendees in conference rooms
and common areas:

Wireless SSIDs:


   NANOG > 802.1X secured (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz)

      User: nanog

      Pass: nanog

   NANOG-legacy > Open, unencrypted network (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz)

   Send email to nanog-eng at nanog.org should you need assistance

The NANOG conference network is geared for high availability and
demonstrating industry best practices. ***Please note: while there is
encryption offered by 802.1x, it is no replacement for the end-to-end
security offered by IPsec, SSL, SSH or similar VPN technology.

The Network Operations Office is located in Room 501 (Level 5). Please feel
free to contact our network team with questions at nanog-eng at nanog.org.


   NANOG 84 surveys

Daily survey giveaways will be drawn each day. Complete the daily survey
each day to enter the drawing for a $100 gift card.


   Meeting email lists

NANOG 84 attendees are subscribed to attendee at nanog.org, a moderated list
used to support communication with other attendees about meeting
activities. If you unsubscribed from the list, you can re-subscribe at:


   Code of Conduct

In the spirit of mutual respect and collaboration, NANOG does not tolerate
any unwelcome behavior, including but not limited to:


   Aggressively pushing your own services, products, or causes.

   Distribution or consumption of alcohol at NANOG-sponsored in-person
   venues (alcohol not served by hotel-licensed providers).

   Audio or video recordings of the few sessions where such recording is
   not permitted.

   Engaging in any activity that is illegal, or violates NANOG’s or its
   sponsors’ contracts with venues or contractors.

   Offensive verbal comments or physical contact because of sex, sexual
   orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, physical
   appearance, personal appearance, race, color, national origin, or religion
   (or lack thereof).

   Sexual images of any kind, displayed in public spaces.

   Deliberate intimidation, stalking, threatening, or following.

   Demeaning or disruptive behavior or speech.

   Harassing photography or recording of any kind.

   Sustained disruption of a presentation or other event.

   Inappropriate physical contact.

   Unwelcome sexual attention.

   Find more info here.  <https://www.nanog.org/about/code-conduct/>

If you have experienced any behavior that violates our strict code of
conduct, you may report to our ombudsman located in the Boardroom on level


   1:1 Meeting Areas

NANOG has provided space for 1:1 meetings on level 6.

If you need help or have a comment or suggestion regarding meeting
operations, please send us an email at nanog-support at nanog.org.

Best wishes for safe travels to NANOG 84. We look forward to seeing you in
person or online!


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