Anyone got a contact at OpenAI. They have a spider problem.

John Levine johnl at
Thu Apr 11 01:10:57 UTC 2024

As I think I have mentioned before, I have the world's lamest content farm
at  Click on a link or two and you'll get the idea.

Unfortunately, GPTBot has found it and has not gotten the idea. It has
fetched over 3 million pages today. Before someone tells me to fix my
robots.txt, this is a content farm so rather than being one web site
with 6,859,000,000 pages, it is 6,859,000,000 web sites each with one
page. Of those 3 million page fetches, 1.8 million were for robots.txt.

It's not like it's hard to figure out what's going on since the pages
all look nearly the same, and they're all on the same IP address with
the same wildcard SSL certificate.

Amazon's spider got stuck there a month or two ago but fortunately I was
able to find someone to pass the word and it stopped.  Got any contacts
at OpenAI?


PS: If you were wondering what they're using to train GPT-5, well, now you know.

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