[External] Re: Caveat emptor: avoid Inseego 5G products unless you still believe in classful routing

Hunter Fuller hf0002+nanog at uah.edu
Tue Mar 28 19:54:10 UTC 2023

v6 support is good, actually! I am using it to good effect.

The classful part is very surprising. This site doesn't use a lot of v4 so
I hadn't given that much thought.

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> On Tue, Mar 28, 2023 at 2:25 PM Matthew Petach <mpetach at netflight.com>
> wrote:
>> In the category of "I can't believe I still have to worry about this in
>> 2023"
>> comes an unfortunate discovery I made recently when setting up a network
>> for a local non-profit.  The Inseego FX2000 5G router looked like a nice
>> product, it supports OpenVPN out of the box, flexible firewall rules, etc.
>> What I did *NOT* expect from a device made in 2023, and didn't think to
>> ask about ahead of time, is whether it supported classless routing.
>> Setting the unit up, I discovered the hard way that the developers are
>> apparently still working from 1989 textbooks.  The only netmask the
>> router will accept for a 10.x.x.x. subnet is  Absolutely
>> refuses
>> to accept a different length netmask.
>> Even the user manual reflects the inherent classful assumption:
>> "
>> IPv4
>> IP Address: The IP address for your FX2000, as seen from the local
>> network. Normally, you can use the default value.
>> Subnet Mask: The subnet mask network setting for the FX2000. The default
>> value is standard for small (class "C") networks. If you
>> change the LAN IP Address, make sure to use the correct Subnet mask for the
>> IP address range of the LAN IP address
>> "
>> So, before anyone else makes the same mistake I did, I thought I'd give
>> the
>> community a heads-up to avoid the Inseego line of 5G products, as they're
>> woefully behind the times in their understanding of IPv4 subnetting as it
>> exists in 2023.  ^_^;
>> Thanks!
>> Matt
> But how is their IPv6 support? ;)
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