ElastiFlow Getting Started?

Matt Corallo nanog at as397444.net
Thu Mar 23 03:26:37 UTC 2023

Is this in relation to the old opensource archived ElastiFlow or the new proprietary one with only 
subscription options above a certain flow count? Presumably the subscription comes with some kind of 

I think the only option left for open source flow monitoring is the new free.fr-maintained Akvorado 
at https://github.com/akvorado/akvorado I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, curious if 
anyone else has.


On 3/19/23 1:53 PM, Mike Hammett wrote:
> Does anyone know of a getting started guide for the latest release of ElastiFlow? I went the docker 
> path because I recall setting up a system before that had a lot of work with dependencies and 
> getting things tied together.
> I got it installed and it seems to run without error, but there's nothing telling me how to actually 
> access the UI. Something is listening on port 8080, but it just gives me a 404. That seems to be 
> pertinent to the API, which I don't care about at this time. That seems like low hanging fruit that 
> the documentation misses.
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