Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Wed Mar 22 08:36:03 UTC 2023

Am I correct to understand that only does support via community forum?

They had just enough interest in the service to collect user data to
monetise, but 0 interest in trying to figure out how to detect and
solve problems?

Why not build a web form where they ask you to explain what is not
working, in terms of automatically testable. Like no A record for X.
Then after you submit this form, they test against all and
some and and if they find a difference in behaviour,
the ticket is accepted and sent to someone who understands DNS? If
there is no difference in behaviour, direct people to community
This trivial, cheap and fast to produce support channel would ensure
virtually 0 trash support cases, so you wouldn't even have to hire
people to support your data collection enterprise.

Very obviously they selfishly had no interest in ensuring
actually works, as long as they are getting the data. I do not know
how to characterise this as anything but unethical.


If you can't due to resources or competence support DNS, do not offer one.

  ++ytti, cake having and cake eating user

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