Spamhaus flags any IP announced by our ASN as a criminal network

George Toma toma at
Tue Mar 21 17:12:59 UTC 2023

I do not believe ASN sharing is illegal or prohibited, it's not prohibited
in LACNIC and in APNIC policy I also could not find anything about ASN
sharing, only

APNIC policy states:
"2.3. Autonomous System (AS)
An Autonomous System (AS) is a connected group of one or more IP prefixes
run by one or more network operators under a single and clearly defined
routing policy.
2.3.1. Autonomous System Number (ASN)
An Autonomous System Number (ASN) is a unique two- or four-byte number
associated with an AS. The ASN is used as an identifier to allow the AS to
exchange dynamic routing information with other Autonomous Systems."

Nothing prohibiting ASN sharing and 2.3 specifically states "run by one or
more network operators... single routing policy"


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> Several Huize ASNs, e.g. AS47158 and AS141011, were revoked due to RIR
> policy violations, which include prohibited sharing of ASNs with third
> parties, IP hijacking, and malicious path prepending.
> Given this history, it is not surprising that Spamhaus would blacklist
> IP addresses associated with their ASN. In my opinion, such action is
> well-justified.
> Best regards,
> August Yang
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