Looking for someone at ipligence and/or Washington Gas

Glenn McGurrin nanog at cloudoptimizedsmb.com
Tue Mar 21 15:17:53 UTC 2023

I'm recently become a customer of Washington Gas but their website won't 
let me see anything claiming I'm in the Netherlands and so they are 
blocking me.  I'm not sure how the geolocation data got screwed up, as 
far as I can tell this IP block has never been there and every 
geolocation provider except for ipligence shows it in pretty much the 
right spot near Washington DC.  Phone call to Washington Gas says email 
their support, their support has an auto reply saying they will get back 
to me but never does, I've just send the 3rd email there, the first two 
being the 17th and 23rd of February, so the 24-48 hours their 
autoresponder claims is clearly a joke.  I've also submitted a contact 
to ipligence as they seem to be the geolocation provider in use as they 
are the only one with the bad geolocation data and it matches what 
Washington Gas claims, but no response there either and their site still 
shows the bad data more than a month later.

I've added the one person I could find at Washington Gas via searching 
around to the second and third requests but it seems no one is even 
looking at their email and they will not help via the phone saying it's 
a different department and to email, at this point I'm not sure what to 
do other than reach out here to hopefully find someone with a clue, try 
publicly calling out on twitter, and possibly file a complaint with the 
regulators as that seems the only way they might bother to even reply.

If anyone at either company is here please contact me or if anyone has a 
contact at either company I can try please let me know.


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