Spamhaus flags any IP announced by our ASN as a criminal network

Tim Burke tim at
Mon Mar 20 01:29:22 UTC 2023

Have you received complaints from Spamhaus in the past? If so, have you acted on them in a timely manner?

Based on my past experiences, Spamhaus is rather gracious at first, but if you ignore them, they will start blocking you en masse. About 10 years ago, I worked for a datacenter/NSP and personally handled all Spamhaus complaints, and as soon as I left to go to another company (and the company stopped taking care of the complaints), Spamhaus blocked every single one of their IPs until they committed to actually handling the complaints again.


On Mar 18, 2023, at 8:57 AM, Brandon Zhi <Brandon at> wrote:

Hello guy,

We recently discovered that any IP address announced by our ASN is blacklisted by Spamhaus, even if we only announced it but not use it.

I would like to ask if this is manually set by Spamhaus or is the system misjudgment? Has anyone encountered the same situation as us?


Brandon Zhi
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