NY Verizon FIOS IPv6 routing issue

Robert Blayzor rblayzor.bulk at inoc.net
Wed Mar 8 16:33:20 UTC 2023

Any Verizon IP engineers lurking on this list that can contact me about 
a recurring and chronic IPv6 routing issue in the upstate NY Verizon 
FIOS network. Getting feedback from several customers that have valid 
IPv6 PD from FIOS but routing is broken 2-3 hops out in Verizons 
network. This is causing major service issues with anyone that has IPv6 

Happy to provide details or work the proper channels; if only you could 
easily find that information...

Email: rblayzor.AT.inoc.net
PGP:  https://pgp.inoc.net/rblayzor/

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