BGP Engines with support to "RTFilter address-family"

Chriztoffer Hansen chha at
Wed Mar 1 15:16:04 UTC 2023

On 26/02/2023 21.46, Douglas Fischer wrote:
> However, I'm searching for BGP Engines that implement this address-family (AFI=1, SAFI=132), to avoid Lock-In.
> But I'm looking for an open-source engine that supports it.

rustybgp and gobgp might support it.

$ grep -r -P "AFI,SAFI = 1,132" rustybgp gobgp
rustybgp/tools/pyang_plugins/gobgp.yang:      "Route target membership 
(AFI,SAFI = 1,132)";
gobgp/tools/pyang_plugins/gobgp.yang:      "Route target membership 
(AFI,SAFI = 1,132)";

Nothing on FRR

$ grep -P -r -i 'IANA_SAFI_.* = 1\d{2,}' frr
frr/lib/iana_afi.h: IANA_SAFI_MPLS_VPN = 128,
frr/lib/iana_afi.h: IANA_SAFI_FLOWSPEC = 133

The mentions in the FRR issue tracker are (now) old entries.

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