NANOG Jeopardy Takes N87 Stage! DNS 1-Day Course + More

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Thu Jan 26 17:10:21 UTC 2023

*NANOG Jeopardy Takes N87 Stage! *
*Presented by Community Member Charles Rumford *

NANOG meetings guarantee hours of ground-breaking + fascinating industry
talks by tech giants. However, amid three days of jam-packed information,
the brain may need an entertaining recess.

At least that's what community member and Network Engineer at Deft, Charles
Rumford, thought.

"There is a lot of great informational content, but we could offer
something more fun while being educational," Rumford said


*Exploring the Fundamentals of DNS*
*Can You "Dig" It? (1-Day Course) - All Skill Levels  *

*Date: *12 Feb. - In-Person Class
*Time: *10:00am - 4:00pm EST

*Presenter: *Eddy Winstead

*Description: *Exploration of the history of the Domain Number System
(DNS), the original design, how it works, and its evolution.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed database that maps domain
names to IP addresses and is a core piece of Internet functionality. This
1-day seminar will kick off our 87th community-wide conference in Atlanta,


*Join an Affinity Group and Expand Your Network! *
*Discover Community Members who Share Your Hobbies and Interests *

Why not start a walking group or your own social at a local winery or
whiskey haven for NANOG 87? Start the communication now and then connect in
person with your new-found friends!

>From an affinity for coffee, wine, walking, whiskey, yoga, LGBTQ+, martial
arts, to parenting – there is something for everyone.


*Can't Make it to Atlanta for NANOG 87?*
*Join Us Virtually at our Next Meeting! *

Watch all presentations live and join in on the conversation via our online
chat forums!

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