Starlink routing

Masataka Ohta mohta at
Tue Jan 24 09:09:25 UTC 2023

Jorge Amodio wrote:

>> You, seemingly, do not have much knowledge on UUNET.
>> Of course I don't :-)

> atina   agomar(DAILY), antar(DAILY), biotlp(DAILY), cab(HOURLY),
>          cedro(EVENING), cenep(DAILY), cneaint(DAILY), cnea(EVENING),
>          cnielf(DAILY), colimpo(DAILY), confein(DAILY), criba(EVENING),
>          curbre(EVENING), dacfyb(DEMAND), dcfcen(DEMAND), ecord(DEMAND),
>          enace(DAILY), epfrn(EVENING), fb1(DAILY), fcys(DAILY), fecic(DAILY),
>          gagcha(EVENING), getinfo(DAILY), hasar(DAILY), iaros(DAILY),
>          intiar(DAILY), invapba(DAILY/2), invapqq(DAILY/2), isoft(DAILY),
>          itcgi(DAILY), labdig(DAILY), lasbe(DAILY), licmdp(EVENING),
>          lis(EVENING), ludo(DAILY), maap(DAILY), meyosp(DAILY),
>          minerva(DAILY), minjus(DAILY), mlearn(DAILY), occam(EVENING),
>          oceanar(DAILY), onba(DAILY), opsarg(DEMAND), pnud009(EVENING),
>          sadio(DAILY), saravia(DAILY), sdinam(DAILY), secyt(DEMAND),
>          spok(DAILY), sykes(DAILY), tandil(DAILY), tsgfred(WEEKLY),
>          ulatar(EVENING), unisel(EVENING), uunet(DEMAND)

So, you now remember that UUCP links were scheduled.

						Masataka Ohta

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