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For the people who have seen their US48 state earth station setups in
person it is pretty normal on the network level. Being colocated with major
inter-city long haul dark fiber DWDM regen sites (Level3 dark fiber path
Seattle to Boise, ID which has a regen hut site in Prosser, WA is a perfect
example) gives them the ability to buy a transport circuit to the nearest
major city/IX point and haul traffic there. I believe they're buying single
100 Gbps waves.

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> Don’t quote me on this, but I wouldn’t say they are doing anything
> different than you or I can do and have access to on the routing layer.
> It's probably just Nokia and Arista and whatever those systems provide.
> Stuff like Tunneling, ECMP, BFD and VxLan... Think spatially coordinated
> Zerotier and not based on latency. They also have a pretty good team of
> experts that have experience with large scale networking and automation
> they've plucked from various places.
> How the Satellites talk to the end users is where all the magic is. But my
> understanding is that it's all custom developed networking as code that
> handles all the frequency coordination and hand offs with the ground.
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> I read in the Economist that the gen of starlink satellites will have the
> ability to route messages between each satellite. Would conventional
> routing protocols be up to such a challenge? Or would it have to be custom
> made for that problem? And since a lot of companies and countries are
> getting on that action, it seems like fertile ground for (bad) wheel
> reinvention?
> Mike
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