Increasing problems with geolocation/IPv4 access

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Sat Jan 21 04:29:30 UTC 2023

Are you sure it’s really geolocation blocks? Or is it anonymizer and VPN
service detection? The geoIP vendors typically sell both since one of
anonymizers’ top applications is to evade geolocation. Have customers using
peer-to-peer anonymizers wittingly or unwittingly? Customers with malware
or other PUPs hosting anonymizer services?

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> What I’m actually looking for isn’t so much a soapbox but to find where
> the [bad] data is coming from so it can be updated as appropriate.  I’m
> also fine with telling the customer to phone the service/bank/whatnot
> (which is what I did in other cases and as much as I also personally
> dislike the centralization of the internet etc) - my customers do seem to
> really have good experience with a modern service like YoutubeTV (for
> example) - oh and it does IPv6 too.
> Tragically, there’s no license necessary to stand up a geolocation service
> and the only enforcement of quality standards comes from losing business if
> enough of their clients complain. Tragically, their clients don’t know that
> they need to complain because their customers don’t know to blame the
> appropriate service. All they know is that stuff is broken. (Sure, a few
> know that broken because bad Geo-IP, but we are in the minority).
> Since companies don’t generally disclose their Geo-IP source, there’s no
> ability to coordinate fixing stuff.
> If you see this and go back to the original post, I am interested if you
> have seen that prefix or any IP space within it, and if it comes from a
> feed or set of aggregated feeds etc, even the name of the company or
> source/resources there so I can try knocking on the door.
> I don’t see it in any of the few block-list feeds that I subscribe to.
> Best of luck in your search.
> I don’t use IP geo-location (for the very same reasons stated in my
> previous post), so I can’t help you there.
> Owen
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