FIDO2/Passkey now supported for 2FA for ARIN Online (was: Fwd: [arin-announce] New Features Added to ARIN Online)

Job Snijders job at
Tue Jan 3 21:10:59 UTC 2023

Dear John,

On Tue, Jan 03, 2023 at 08:57:47PM +0000, John Curran wrote:
> NANOGers -
> FYI - ARIN Online now has FIDO2/Passkey as an option for two-factor
> authentication (2FA) - this is a noted priority for some
> organizations.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news! I tried the new shiny thing,
it was very easy to switch from TOPT to FIDO2.

A feature request: it would be nice if (at least) two FIDO2 Security
Keys can be associated to a single account. I like having a spare key
with traveling and all. :-)

Kind regards,


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