BGP Engines with support to "RTFilter address-family"

Douglas Fischer fischerdouglas at
Sun Feb 26 20:46:42 UTC 2023

We are implementing an interesting L3VPN scenario for distributed DFZ on
mid-size PEs.

And we believe that the RT Constrained Route Distribution, RFC4684, will be
ideal to solve the problems of operational levels for the intervention of
configurations between PEs and Route-Reflectors.

However, I'm searching for BGP Engines that implement this address-family
(AFI=1, SAFI=132), to avoid Lock-In.

In Cisco, this feature is covered, for example, in this document:

In Juniper, in that document:

IP Infusion's OCNOS also implements this functionality.

I think Nokia implements it too.

But I'm looking for an open-source engine that supports it.

The official FRR documentation does not mention anything about RFC 4364, or
RTFilter address family.
So, I think FRR does not support RTFilter Constrained Route Distribution.

Do any of the colleagues have any suggestions on this?

Douglas Fernando Fischer
Engº de Controle e Automação
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