Reverse Traceroute

Rolf Winter rolf.winter at
Sat Feb 25 13:37:03 UTC 2023

Hi Tore,

thanks for the suggestion. We are already in touch with the NLNOG Ring 
folks. They are really helpful! But, the more the better.

Also, for people playing with the client, it would be helpful to us if 
you use the --transmit command line switch. This will send information 
about the traceroute operation to us for further analysis.

Additionally, the endpoint "" is currently used for 
some variations of reverse traceroute, so some measurements might not 
work currently. You can just use any of the other endpoints.



Am 25.02.23 um 11:09 schrieb Tore Anderson:
> * Rolf Winter
>> If you would like to play with reverse traceroute, the easiest option
>> is to work with the client and use one of the public server instances
>> (
>> If you would be willing to host a public server instance yourself,
>> please reach out to us.
> I suggest you get in touch with the fine folks at NLNOG RING and ask it
> they would be interested in setting this up on the 600+ RING nodes all
> over the world. See
> Tore
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