Cloudflare contact?

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Mon Feb 20 22:27:20 UTC 2023

Replying directly.

On Sun, Feb 19, 2023 at 5:31 PM John Von Essen <john at> wrote:

> I work with DuckDuckGo, and earlier today our macOS browser (which is
> currently available via the App store now) started getting caught by
> Cloudflare’s bot/fraud system. We did a fair amount of debugging, it
> appears to be some kind of browser/UA fingerprinting. This is happening for
> pretty much anyone using our browser, anywhere in the world, when browsing
> cloudflare powered sites. My hunch is this is accidental, but since we have
> no direct contacts at Cloudflare, we’re having a hard time escalating this.
> Thanks
> John



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