About emails impersonating Path Network

Michael Thomas mike at mtcc.com
Mon Feb 6 20:41:43 UTC 2023

This seems like a perfect object lesson on why you should use DKIM and 
SPF and make sure the sending domain can set up a p=reject policy for 


On 2/6/23 10:25 AM, Konrad Zemek wrote:
> Hi Nanog,
> It looks like someone with an axe to grind against our company has decided to email every AS contact they could find on PeeringDB, impersonating us and sometimes spoofing our domains.
> We're aware of the emails and are sorry for the inconvenience. We've since added SPF records to the domains we own but don't use (the perps have since name-squatted some new ones). We're also actively working with law enforcement on the matter.
> Thanks
> Konrad Zemek
> CTO Path Network
> AS396998

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