Looking for PoCs of rootlayer.net in Amsterdam. - AS51447 and in upstream providers

irish.masms irish.masms at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 05:17:25 UTC 2023

Hello NANOG – longtime lurker, first time poster.

I am requesting some assistance today with stopping a pervasive malware 
campaign being sent via email from multiple open proxies in the 
following IP blocks: - -

This IP space is assigned to rootlayer.net in Amsterdam. - AS51447
% Abuse contact for 'AS51447' is 'complain at rootlayer.net'

All email has contained some sort of malicious code: ransomware, 
trojans, info sealers, and other various malware (some known and some 
brand new/not detected yet). The email content is spoofing various 
legitimate companies and banks.

Since the beginning of the year when I became involved in a particular 
customer (elderly owner of a small business), we have been sending at 
least 5 complaints a day (one for each email) to complain at rootlayer.net, 
all reporting has been ignored. The most recent spoof & malware email 
was received at 16:33 PM PST 5 Feb 2023.

Frankly, we have grown tired of filing abuse complaints into the black 
hole while an elderly gentleman is being targeted. I am not sure a 
contact at Rootlayer will be helpful at this point, but if someone has a 
contact it would be appreciated.

More importantly, anyone have a contact at their upstream providers that 
may be able to beat down these criminal activities and Rootlayer?
AS49981 - WorldStream B.V.
AS49453 - Global Layer B.V.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated – thank you.

Stay safe,

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