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Where did you think that condensation was going to get you in this conversation?

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Mike Hammett wrote:

> Except there are literally thousands of independent ISPs in the US,
 > many 10+ years old that aren't likely to be going anywhere and
 > they are moving to constructing their own wireline.

Many ILECs enjoying regional monopoly should be 100+ years old:

	Various regional independents also held incumbent monopolies
	in their respective regions.

	By 1903 while the Bell system had 1,278,000 subscribers on
	1,514 main exchanges, the independents, excluding non-profit
	rural cooperatives, claimed about 2 million subscribers on
	6,150 exchanges.[1]
	The size ranged from small mom and pop companies run by a
	husband and wife team, to large independent companies,

many of which should now be PON operators still enjoying regional


						Masataka Ohta

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